The best Android apps for your TV and Roku box, according to Ars Technic

  • July 9, 2021

A couple weeks ago, we got our hands on a few new Android TV and streaming boxes from Roku, but this week, we’ve got our own personal favorite: the Vizio EZ4 TV.

The EZ 4 TV offers a ton of features that the Vizios most popular device can’t match, including a TV app that allows you to watch shows and movies directly from your TV, along with a “smart” home interface that lets you set up and control home automation systems, such as smart thermostats, smart light switches, and smart locks.

But the EZ’s biggest selling point is that it’s got a lot of extra features that could be useful for home automation.

The Vizio-branded TV app lets you control the thermostat and light bulbs on your TV.

You can also access your favorite apps via a “control app” and the Viziopliance smart TV app.

The control app lets your TV control various home automation features, like smart lightbulbs and smart lights, and the Ez 4 TV app has an “automation” section that lets the TV set the temperature and other settings.

It also has a smart remote control for controlling the lights and thermostators on the TV, so it’s easy to find the right controls for your home.