Verizon’s Wifi Hotspot,Connectify Hotspot device will cost $129,988, US retailer says

  • July 8, 2021

Verizon Wireless is selling a device that allows users to connect to their Wi-Fi hotspot using an Amazon Echo Dot.

It’s priced at $129.988 for a single device and can connect to multiple hotspots simultaneously.

Verizon has not said how many devices the $129 device can connect with, though it has confirmed that the device is compatible with its Echo Dot Wi-fi adapter.

The device comes with a 12-inch LED touchscreen and is priced at around $20.

The Echo Dot has a built-in microphone that will allow you to use voice commands to turn on the device.

Verizon is also selling a $99 smart home hub that is compatible to connect an Echo Dot to a single Wifi hotspot. 

According to the product description on Verizon’s website, the Wifi HotSpot is a smart, easy-to-use, portable, wireless home hub.

It can be used with any Amazon Echo device that has a Wi-FI port.

You can also use the Wififi Hot Spot to connect it to a network.

The Wifi hot spot can also act as a wireless network hotspot for other devices connected to your home network. 

Verizon is also listing the WIFI Hotspot as compatible with Amazon Alexa, so you can have your Amazon Echo dot Alexa speaker to talk to when you want to use your Echo Dot on the go. 

While the Wifa HotSpot device is a relatively new product, it’s also coming from one of the most well-known US carriers, T-Mobile.

T-Mo has also offered its own version of the Echo Dot with a $69 price tag, but it lacks the speaker functionality.

TMo is selling the Wifei HotSpot as a standalone product that can connect two or more Alexa devices, which is also compatible with Echo Dot devices. 

For now, Verizon’s Wi-Fusion Hotspot product will only be available in the US.

Verizon says it will continue to roll out more products to the US in the coming weeks.

The Verge is reporting that other carriers are also adding Alexa-compatible devices to their platforms.