What to do if you’re getting disconnected from your hotspot

  • July 30, 2021

What to say if you can’t get internet to work when you need it.

It’s been a hot topic on Google+ over the last few days, with people sharing their experiences of problems with their wireless hotspots.

In some cases, they’re reporting that their internet works intermittently or is not working at all.

Others have complained about being locked out of their network or not being able to connect to a certain app, such as Skype or Instagram.

And some are complaining that the wireless hotspot they have has been disabled by their router or the ISP that they bought their service from.

“I think I have just had a couple of wireless hotspots disconnected from my network because they were not connected to any hotspot that I purchased from them.

When I did get a new wireless hotsPOT connected from them I couldn’t use it at all, as the internet was not working,” one reader wrote.

“I tried a couple more times and finally had a wifi hotspot disconnected from me, and that was the last I heard of it until I tried to connect via another internet service.”

In some instances, the wifi hotspots were simply not working and users were unable to connect.

“The internet is not available for me, no matter how many times I use it,” another wrote.

“Sometimes the internet disconnects even when I try to connect.”

Some users have found that the hotspots are not always working and that they have to resort to calling a third-party support service, such the Apple support hotline, which often has no information on what is wrong with the device.

“They can’t help me because I have an Apple TV, and it’s connected to the wifi.

I tried calling support, but they can’t give me any information,” another reader wrote, adding that she had to call a different support line.

“I’m not sure why they don’t just send me a message through the internet, but I’ve done that.”

Google says that there are currently plans to bring the problem of wireless network disconnects back to the main Google network, but that this will require a firmware update.

It is currently unclear how long this will take, or whether this will affect the way people access their Google+ posts.

In a blog post on Monday, Google says that the problem is expected to be resolved by the end of the year, but it will be “difficult to predict when that will be”.

“The fix is not easy and it will require that you first disable the wireless network, and then try again when the issue is resolved,” the post reads.

“If you have any other questions about this issue, you can contact support directly.”

It is not clear what Google has done to fix the problem or how long it will take for the issue to be fixed.