iPhone users have a new option to protect their privacy online — but not in the Apple store

  • July 7, 2021

Apple’s iPhone and iPad users have finally got a way to protect themselves from the internet, thanks to the company’s app store.

The new iOS 10.4.2 update adds a new toggle to the Apple app store that lets users control how data about them is shared and used.

Users can toggle “unrestricted” sharing — where they’re not able to view or download other people’s data — on or off, and turn off all other sharing options.

“Unrestricted sharing” is a key feature for users of the iPhone and iOS devices that have been accused of being too open, as it’s possible for some of that data to be passed on to the authorities.

While Apple’s new iOS features may be somewhat limited, the feature is an important one for those who want to protect privacy online.

The toggle to turn off unrestricted sharing can be found on the Settings app, and it’s a great way to turn down any of the many ways that data can be used by the Apple service.

“You can use this to restrict your data usage or block your data from being shared with others,” a Settings screen reads.

Users can toggle on or on, and toggle off all sharing options from their Apple app.

While Apple’s privacy settings are designed to prevent sharing data with third parties, users can also turn off data sharing to the entire iPhone family.

Users of older iPhones will still be able to use their data to log into third-party apps, but they’ll be unable to use third-parties to do the same with new iPhones.

With iOS 10, Apple has finally built-in a way for users to control their own data, even if it’s stored on the iPhone.

This is a huge step forward for the Apple mobile ecosystem, and a step towards making the iPhone a more secure device than it’s ever been.