How to use Verizon home hotspots without paying $60 or more

  • August 13, 2021

Verizon Wireless has announced it will offer unlimited home hotspots for $60, but not the full $70 price tag. 

The plan comes at a time when the carrier has been struggling to keep customers on its network and is now scrambling to reduce its $50 price point for customers who want the hotspot service. 

In a blog post, Verizon said it will start offering the service on January 11. 

Verizon Home Hotspot, which includes unlimited home Wi-Fi, phone and data services, will cost $60 a month for up to two people. 

It is similar to Verizon’s $70 unlimited plan, which is only available to customers who purchase the $60 plan and pay the full price. 

But Verizon will not charge customers for using their home hotsps, a feature it previously made available to only some customers. 

Customers will still be able to use their home Wi­Fi hotspot for texting, downloading music, watching videos and streaming video. 

Users will still need a Verizon account to use the hotspots, but they will need to sign up for Verizon Home Hotspots. 

You can sign up to Verizon Home Wi-Stations at 

For $60 per month, customers will be able access home hotsets at a rate of 5 megabits per second. 

At the time of writing, Verizon is offering the unlimited service for $70 per month for customers in the U.S. and Canada. 

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