‘The Real News’: New York City’s Latest ‘Real News’ App Gets 5.9 Million Downloads

  • July 10, 2021

New York’s latest “The Real” news app is on a roll, and it’s getting a bit too popular to ignore.

The app, which was recently named one of the most downloaded apps in the world by App Annie, is currently the fastest-growing news app in the US, according to data from comScore.

The top five spots are all occupied by the app.

In its first 24 hours, The Real News has received more than 4 million downloads.

The Real news app’s growth is due to the growing number of people looking for the app, according the app’s developer, Rovio.

The real news app also launched on Google Play a couple of days ago, but is not currently available on Apple’s App Store, as of press time.

The most popular news stories on The Real are those about terrorism, police shootings, and a possible drone attack in New York.

The Top Stories category in The Real is full of stories about the weather and how to stay healthy.

The category also has some “fake news” content, which is the same type of thing that is featured on The New York Times’ website and other outlets.

But the “real” news stories tend to be more interesting and relevant.

The “Real News” category was created in partnership with the New York Police Department and The Times.

The New Yorkers Police Department’s Chief of Staff, Officer Joseph Ponte, said in a statement that The Real will help improve public trust in the police force.

“Our goal is to make New York safer and our goal is always to help the community, our officers and the community at large,” Ponte said.

“We know that The New Yorker is an important part of our community, and that’s why The Real has a long history of helping New Yorkers understand the city and its people better.”

The app is available on Google Maps and iOS devices.

The number of downloads is growing quickly, and The Real was ranked number one in The New States News App Store in the category of fastest-growth apps in June.

The developers have also partnered with the NYPD and the New Yorkers Mayor’s Office.

According to a press release, The New Times has already received a large amount of support from The Real, which has helped them build out The Real app in New Jersey.

The company has raised $8.6 million in seed funding from investors, including Kleiner Perkins, Kleiner, Sequoia Capital, and CapitalG.

The announcement comes just a week after a similar app was released in India.

The Times and others have criticized The Real for being too “biased” and for not covering important issues.

The news app has also received some criticism for having too many news categories, with the top trending stories of June being “How to avoid becoming a victim of domestic violence.”

However, Rovi has defended the app as an important addition to the news app category, saying that TheReal is “a news app that focuses on real news stories that are happening right now, like the weather, crime, and the economy.”

Rovi says that the app has received positive reviews, and is also growing fast.

The latest “Real” app, TheReal News, is on its way to becoming the fastest growing news app, as well as a top trending app in India and the US.

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